2007 Subaru WRX STi – Baby Got Black


Forget the fads, trends and whatever the trolls on Instagram are telling you to complete. If you want to determine what a badass car seems like, look no further. You won’t find any bright colors, flashy parts or stretched tires. This murdered-out Subie is all about performance with a built motor, tight chassis plus a stance that’s designed to go, not show!

We tracked down this buff STI to the Bay Area. It’s taken the owner Matthew Tomczek six years to get his project where it is today. And from your interview with him, we realized he believes strongly in one rule: performance over looks.

He got his feet wet in the scene shortly after high school graduation with a ’97 Honda Civic. Geared track of the usual bolt-ons, he became addicted to autocross. But after a number of years, he had to put his passion for cars on hold because he relocated to downtown San Francisco-not exactly the most welcoming location to own a modified car (think potholes, steep hills and hard-to-find parking). Matt sensibly acquired a sport bike for his daily commutes. It took a couple more years to travel by until Matt met his wife, which in turn required him to get something with passenger seats. And what better choice than an all-wheel-drive, track-ready sedan like the STI, a car that he’s idolized for years since his days ofBy tackling the turbocharged flat-four, matt kicked off the six-year project. Keeping the motor and intercooler stock at first, he added several bolt-ons along with the car tuned for E85. He told us by just switching from 91-octane to the ethanol fuel blend, the auto made 100hp and 100 lb-ft of torque more about the dyno! Impressive numbers but the increase in power and regular abuse ultimately pushed the limits of the motor too far. The piston ringlands eventually gave way and cracked. Matt did his research and learned it absolutely was a common problem for modified STIs so he wasn’t discouraged. Instead, it only made him more determined to build a stronger and faster Subaru. Using the motor pulled apart, he decided to go balls out by rebuilding the base-end with CP pistons and Manley rods. More boost and fuel was added with a larger Element Tuning turbo, 2000cc injectors, a fresh fuel pump plus a meaty front-mount intercooler.

Unfortunately, Matt discovered later the shop he trusted the engine build to didn’t have their shit together. And once his Subie got back on the road, it never ran smooth and catastrophe struck again when the cylinder walls cracked. For the second time, the motor had to be torn apart. Matt didn’t want to mess around anymore and called the aid of reputable shops Race Engine Development to resleave the block while Rob’s Auto Machine and RBMS Autocare ensured the other engine will be properly balanced, blueprinted and assembled. Should you ask us, GST Motorsports took proper care of the final tune and the 2.5-liter threw down a respectable 457 and 422whp lb-ft of torque-a good amount of power to the streets.ACT and clutch lightweight flywheel. Stiffer engine and tranny mounts, plus new steering and rear diff bushings ensured a far more positive driving feel.

When it comes to suspension, merely the best parts were attached to all four corners-TEIN Flex coilovers. The latest coils allowed Matt to regulate damping force from the driver seat for either his daily commute to work or perhaps for weekends in the track. Plenty of bracing stiffened up the chassis including a Cobb rear sway bar, Cusco strut bars, plus a lower H- and rear V-braces.

Since Matt was an autocross fiend, the widest wheels and tires were high on his priority list to find the most traction. Stepped around wider Enkei RPF1s after installing the fender flares, though he originally ran an aggressive set of Rotas. In everybody, their and time mother using a Subaru started picking up RPF1s so he switched to something a little different, yet still lightweight and evil-looking-18×10.5 Advan RG-Ds.

He couldn’t stop there as he drew up plans to make the exterior pop. Keeping everything motorsport-inspired, he fitted a Chargespeed body kit, plus a Seibon front lip, rear wing, canards plus a rear diffuser-the majority of which was created from carbon.

The interior’s game was also stepped up with Bride seats, Sparco harnesses with harness bar and Arai Motorsport carbon door cards-something Matt was very happy with because they’re the only set in the States.

We’ll admit Matt’s WRX isn’t the anything innovative in today’s scene, nor could it be going to win any awards or break any track records; but on the real, it’s got the whole package and shows us that an aggressive all-black and track-themed project car never gets old.



Don’t Let Car Sickness Spoil Your Journey

Some individuals can happily jump in to the travel and car for miles and miles down the road without a care in the world, for others it’s a completely different story. Car sickness can really spoil the enjoyment of an otherwise terrific journey for people who experience it. But what’s all this about and will you do anything about it?

close up of passenger woman being car sick
close up of passenger woman being car sick

What’s the visible difference between car motion and sickness sickness? There really is no difference because car sickness is motion sickness if you are travelling in a car well. But is there anything you can do about this?

Take a look at these things you can do that may either assist to relieve car sickness symptoms or actually avoid them completely.

• Sit looking how you are moving. One great tip is to focus on something at the front, inside the direction in which you are moving. This could be the horizon or some other stationery object. On the flip side you must not attempt to read, play cards or games and don’t sit looking out of the side windows for extended periods of time.


• Have you ever noticed that drivers don’t get car sick, well, not when they are actually driving anyway. This is because the driver is permanently focusing on what’s happening within the road ahead . . . or at least that’s what they must be doing. In the event you can’t drive then no less than try to sit in the front passenger seat of your car and check out the road, you can even pretend that you are driving to see if that can help.

• Open up the window to let inside a little outside air, this can be another big help. Some people feel worse in cars which have a specific odor; this can be a particular problem with new cars which still have that distinctive new smell. Spraying the interior in the car with something soothing like lavender or mint may help to mask this smell and hence the problem. Remember this: if you go to pick up a brand new motor from somewhere like www.downtownnissan.com and someone in your family suffers with car sickness.

• Tiredness may cause some people to feel car sick in which case it can be a big help to stop for a nap. If you can’t go to sleep you could feel better by only closing your vision for a while . . . unless you are the driver.

• Ginger is a great stomach settler, so nibble on a ginger cookie or munch on a few ginger candies, have a cupful of ginger tea or something similar before or during your car journey. You can even buy caplets of ginger root from your pharmacy for those who have severe car sickness problems. Just a few caplets and the majority of adults are as right as rain.


• It’s a smart idea to take plenty of breaks when you are on an extended car journey. Just having the opportunity to stretch your legs, perhaps drink some coffee and breathe in some outside air for a few minutes can really help to accept feelings of nausea away.

• Sucking on a peppermint or some other type of hard candy is another great tip. Music can help to take your mind off things too.

Okay, is that problem solved? Sit at the front of the car, looking what your location is going, sucking on a peppermint and listening to music by incorporating ginger cookies available for a nibble if need be. Sorted!

You can now take a test drive in a new motor from http://www.downtownnissan.com, just don’t be sick within it.


2014 Scion TC


This year marks Scion’s 10th anniversary, and the still-young and relevant brand has proved itself a worthy competitor in an extremely tough marketplace. However, with the exception of the FR-S, Scion’s fleet has been steadily aging without many significant updates.

For 2014, the best seller of the group, the tC, gets a light refresh that is part aesthetic and part mechanical. Even though it’s not a brand-new model, the ’14 tC delivers a host of new goodies that make it a worthwhile opponent against its competition.

The most significant (at least in our opinion) upgrade to the ’14 tC is the addition of an updated 6-speed automatic transmission. That’s right, an automatic. Most tC owners will choose the auto over the available 6-speed manual, and now it has some features worth talking about.

First and foremost, this auto is very similar to the one found in the FR-S, and in that car, it’s quite responsive and enjoyable to drive fast. Thanks to the rev-matching technology, the automatic does a great job of mimicking a dual-clutch transmission, delivering fast and precise downshifts.
2014 scion tc side Photo 2/4 | 2014 Scion TC

Mated to the tC’s 2.5L 179hp and 173-lb-ft 4-cylinder engine and chassis, it doesn’t exactly bring the same sporty feel you find in the FR-S, but compared with the old slushbox, this refined unit is leaps and bounds better.

With the addition of some tweaked suspension settings thanks to stiffer springs, shocks, and stabilizer bars, as well as a reworked electric power steering setup, the tC feels more like a sports coupe than it previously did. That’s not to say it’s a corner-carving machine like its RWD brother; the tC was never built to turn tarmac upside down. Instead, it’s a great everyday sporty alternative to the many mundane vehicles in the segment.

If you want a car you can enjoy and have fun driving to work or picking up your groceries in, then the tC ranks high on the list.

Add a BeSpoke premium audio system into the mix, and not only do you have an enjoyable driving experience but you can also sort through the 30,000-plus free radio stations through the Aha Smartphone app to find just the right tunes for your listening pleasure. The BeSpoke system offers Scion’s 17 unique music channels that are exclusive to Scion owners (if for some reason the thousands of other stations don’t fit the bill). Bluetooth connectivity, voice-activated navigation, and a host of other neat goodies round out the rather impressive infotainment system that seems like it’s more apt to be found in cars with a much higher price tag than in the tC.

If you don’t look closely, you won’t notice the new materials used inside the cabin, but aside from that, the interior is pretty much the same as in years past. The bold new exterior can’t be missed, though. The biggest change is up front, where a large, wide-mouth grille takes its design cues from the FR-S and angular-cut, LED-trimmed headlights finish off the aggressive styling cues. Outback, LED taillights add a modern appeal to the tC, while a black-trimmed rear valance is all but functional. While the restyled tC may not come off as anything revolutionary, it still has a solid foothold in the Scion lineup as the go-to car for many 20-somethings. With a no-haggle price of $19,965, it’s no wonder it’s such a great buy for so many people, offering just the right amount of performance, fun, and connectivity.
2014 scion tc interior Photo 3/4 | 2014 Scion TC

Specs & Details
’14 Scion tC

Engine 2.5L Naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder

Horsepower 179 hp

Torque 173 lb-ft

Transmission 6-speed manual or automatic

Price $19,965 base

1999 Honda Civic Si (EM1) – Certified Swag


Being different is a thing that a lot of people would like to do with their tuner car build. When building a popular chassis, such as the popular EM1 platform, it is especially hard to do a thing that is not often duplicated and seen as a cookie-cutter build. When Michael Schietroma took around the challenge, he nailed it. This is not something which came easy by any means for Michael. Having a build stretching out over eight lengthy years, Michael learned the true definition of patience. This is not at all something most 18-year-olds because of their first car are OK with even though is not always the way it goes.

Originally from Southern California, Michael’s introduction to modified cars originated hanging out with his older brother after relocating to Tucson, AZ, at the young age. Of course, at a young age you want to follow in the footsteps of the people you gaze up to. Being that his brother was into Hondas for some time, it made it a simple choice of which car to choose once he turned 18. A junior in senior high school, Michael was ready to buy his first car. He was looking for a good, clean Civic Si, and it had to be the exclusive Electron Blue Pearl color. One of his brother’s friends just happened to be selling a clean, bone-stock ’99 Electron Blue Pearl Civic Si, as fate might have it. The purchase was made immediately. It was a great start for thein any way, Michael was already going to modify the automobile. Within the first month he already had a set of Tein Basic coilovers on how you can pair with many 5Zigen 5ZR Copses. High-end parts would be something Michael would soon notice more while spectating at some of the larger high-end car shows, such as Hot Import Nights and NOPI. This is where he began to begin to see the difference name-brand parts make on a car versus having cheap knock-off parts like most seem to be Comfortable with. What really set the direction just for this Civic was when he visited a shop in Phoenix called ICB Motorsport, where he met Matt, the owner of your shop. After touring the facility, which is loaded with rare, high-end JDM parts, Michael immediately knew exactly what he wanted to do with the car. He was done buying cheap knock-off lips and wheels. He wanted the real-deal Holyfield.

While trying to keep a brand-name theme with the car, the two main JDM manufacturers he had to choose from were Mugen and Spoon Sports. For Michael’s outlook on style, Spoon Sports was an easy choice. This does not say that getting the parts was easy though. Still in high school with only an entry-level part-time job, this is when Michael was required to wait it all out with all the parts to get what exactly he wanted. Obviously, this paid off eventually, because this car is nothing lower than awesome.many years to come Michael pieced together his vision of perfection. Sticking with the original five-spoke design of the 5ZR Copses, Michael threw on some 16×7 45 JDM Desmond Regamaster Evos laced with 205/40-16 Yokohama Parada Spec-2 tires. These were then finished off with a collection of Project Kics R-40 Neo Chrome lug nuts. These lug nuts cost about as much as some your typical everyday Rota wheels, but Michael didn’t care-he wanted only the best. , even though why stop at some JDM wheels and fancy lug nuts Michael also added Spoon Sports Twin Block big brakes to complete the complete package. Then he moved on to incorporate a Backyard Special front bumper, that is FRP having an integrated carbon Kevlar front lip, as well as a Wings West rear spoiler. Sticking with simple yet elegant exterior modifications, Michael added a host of JDM Civic Type R parts including door visors, thin side moldings, and headlights. Completing the exterior style department are a set of Vision Technica Type MC mirrors along with a Spoon Sports windshield banner.

Moving to the interior you will discover Vision Technica seats draped with Takata harnesses, mounted on a Sparco harness bar, Spoon Sports steering wheel, and wide-view mirror. Not stopping there, Michael added another lot of Civic Type R parts, such as a carbon gauge bezel, shift boot, airbag tray, and e-brake boot and handle. Of course, what exactly is a street car without a stereo system? Michael also added a JVC head unit with JL Audio C2 speakers to help keep it neat and simple.

From the engine bay you will find numerous JDM accessories that your jaw will likely hit the floor. Hiding underhood is an arsenal of Spoon Sports parts. From the fluid caps to the valve cover, it pretty much has it all. A few of the features that stand out most include the Spoon Sports strut bar, carbon Kevlar plug cover, intake elbow, and radiator hoses. Be sure to notice the details, like theFor that more performance-minded modifications, Michael went with a set of Skunk2 Cams using their Pro Series titanium gears. He also added an AEBS intake manifold/throttle-body combo having a Vision Technica 4-into-1 header that feeds into a Spoon Sports street type exhaust system. Tuned by Evan Smith at ES Tuned using a Hondata S300, the vehicle put down a healthy 167 whp. As a way to handle the additional strain on the driveline, Michael added a set of Hasport engine mounts along with an Exedy clutch with a Fidanza flywheel. Keeping the engine cool can be a Koyo radiator mixed with a Spoon Sports fan and thermostat switch. Michael also desired to give the car a tighter, sportier feel while utilizing the extra power. He installed an ASR subframe brace with Function 7 lower control arms, Buddy Club upper control arms, as well as a Spoon Sports tie bar to finish it well.

In 2008, while still building the car, Michael was contacted by Spoon Sports for his car in becoming officially Spoon Sports certified. A lot of you might be curious just what it means to be Spoon Sports Certified. The best solution: It is sort of a badge of honor. It’s a prestigious status only awarded for the true Spoon Sports enthusiast. One cannot simply call in and become a part of this exclusive family. Spoon Sports hand-selects each vehicle to become part of the family and extends the invite to sign up for up. This entails a compact fee to have the exclusive serial numbered plate shipped and made to your door. The numbers on the plate are then tagged in Spoon Sports’ database to your specific car and your authentic parts are logged within the vehicle. Only about 3 percent of Spoon Sports customers get the invite.

Inspired by his family of automotive enthusiasts, Michael was able to complete exactly what is now a properly-formed, simple yet elegant Spoon Sports Certified Civic Si. Even if you don’t have a big interest in Hondas, you can appreciate this build. In the end it absolutely was all worth it to Michael. He still loves the drives and car it at all times.

Three Ways Every New Retiree Can Show Off

After decades in the workforce, you deserve to treat yourself when you retire. Great thing is that there are several great things that will make you really feel like a kid again, all when you will no longer have to go in the office every single day.

1. Motorcycles

A lot of people dream all of their life about going on the open road with their motorcycles. Many Baby Boomers are now living this dream in their retirement by obtaining the motorcycles they always dreamed of and travelling. Instead of happening boring tours on a bus, you can enjoy going where you want, when you want – without a tour guide. Get started on planning your epic road trip and get yourself a motorcycle.

2. A Sports Car


The great thing about being older is that you will have the financial ability to buy yourself a sports vehicle. That does not mean, however, that you have to spend your entire savings on a luxury car. With the Nissan 370Z, which you can find at metronissanredlands.com, you can aquire a hot sports car with great mileage for way under a typical sports vehicle. There is a good convertible model, for if you want to really showcase. Find out more about the Nissan 370Z by going to http://metronissanredlands.com.

3. A Dream Vacation Home


One of the best ways that you can live it up within your retirement is to find a vacation home someplace that you simply love to visit. If you know that exist away from everything to your favorite place for some alone time with those you love, whether skiing is the thing or you would rather remain in the tropics, you can really enjoy your retirement. You can even rent your place in the market to visitors when you find yourself not staying there for some extra income.

2013 BMW M3 – Yoo Oeno


Four months ago, Darren Yoo’s BMW 335i was the dopest 3-Series we’d come across in North America. 600whp, single-turbo converted and a WTCC carbon-fiber widebody–we didn’t think every other current-gen Bimmer could catch our attention like it. But we were proven wrong after discovering this E92 M3 at Wekfest, only to find out it’s owned and built by Darren, too!

Darren parted ways with his 335 to meet his dream about owning BMW’s ultimate driving machine (you realize, the M3! ). While it could have been a step back for Darren (bone stock and less power), nothing beats the sporty feel, look and status of any M3. Darren made the jump and at the same time, it reallysome other kits around, Darren explained. The kit looks perfect from every angle!

Darren was able to witness the unveiling of the first two Liberty Walk cars built by his go-to shop LT Motorwerks (LTMW). Liberty Walk founder Wataru Kato was visiting the shop from Japan at the same time and made such a positive impression on Darren, he had to have it. Months later, the blueprint was mapped in the market to build the following Liberty Walk car. When all the parts arrived, LTMW had a week to install the kit, paint it and add all of the bolt-ons before it was to becomeConcurrently, LTMW added its signature bumper alternative to the 3-Series–a combination of two OEM bumpers that have been grafted together to search like the 1M but fit like factory on the 3-Series. The exterior was painted OE Laguna Seca blue–one that has significant meaning to Darren. I was at my restaurant one day and saw this blue car just driving by, Before I was even just in the BMW scene. I said to myself ‘wow, that car sounds awesome and this color is beautiful.’ That’s when someone explained it was an M3 and that’s after i started to check out BMWs. So, i assumed for this build it would be the right opportunity for me to paint my first M3 the same color as the first M3 I fell and saw in love with. A job well done, as the color looks fantastic, and flows with the aggressive motorsport-themed kind of the car.the right pair of wheels wasn’t an easy job either but Darren sourced a set of 19 Work Brombachers. The rears were rebarreled with 7 outers to widen the rims from 11.5 to 13.5. Then, LTMW wrapped up the car with all the best goodies–StopTech big brakes, 500 whp supercharger kit, KW coilovers, Recaro seats and a beefy rollbar.

We’ll admit, there isn’t a bunch of custom focus on Darren’s car but it offers the right mix of high quality parts to do just fine. Add the reality that LTMW only had five days to complete the car; this M3 is unquestionably one of our favorite Euro builds of the year.

1985 Honda CRX HF – Homebrewed Hatchback


I first met Scott Giles at a car show in downtown Cincinnati a few winters back. His jovial demeanor, encyclopedia-like knowledge of suspension components, affinity once and for all craft beer, and acute attention to things automotive caused me to take a liking to him almost immediately. We paid little heed to all of the gossamer, technologically laden, and blatantly modern automotive offerings scattered around us on the showroom floor, when we talked. They held little interest to us, with Scott being particularly indifferent. Here was actually a guy who was a firmly devout, fire-breathing believer in a old-school chassis. The only reason he was at the demonstrate that day was to plug the neighborhood SCCA chapter. He kept grumbling in my opinion about how modern cars were too heavy, and just how manufacturers concentrate on technology and power instead of weight stealth and savings. After conversing with Scott for roughly an hour, I finally told him who I was and who I wrote for as an automotive journalist. Realization sank in thicker than smoke off a drag car’s slicks, and Scott suddenly got a mischievous look on his face. He looked around, leaned in, and whispered to me, Honda Tuning, huh? Well shit man, you gotta see my wife’s CRX.

So apparently Scott does the majority of the wrenching on the rustic beauty you can see here, along with hisRenee and wife, does a lot of the racing. She trusts him with all of the R&fabrication and D, while he consequently trusts her to not place the car to the scrap yard. When I asked Scott why they opted to race such an outdated chassis, his response was both direct and rewarding at the same time. If you have the motivation, time and energy and skill, you can have a cheap, old car and make it as fast as almost anything out there. It’s really rewarding and fun to do that … and nothing beats old Hondas. I guess you will be starting to understand why I liked this guy so much. From here, Scott continued at great length in regards to the accomplishments they have obtained making use of their oversized doorstop. Renee has experienced Second and Third Place finishes with the SCCA Solo National Championships, is Southeast SCCA Solo Divisional Champion, and has had multiple divisional and regional SCCA Solo class wins using this car. Together we are the SCCA American Road Race of Champions Enduro Champions, have landed four SCCA Club Racing class wins, and recently we were awarded the Atlanta Region SCCA Rookie of the season, as well as Atlanta Region SCCA Driver of Year. At that point Scott took an in-depth breath and after that he continued, I won us one third Place finish at the SCCA Solo National Championships, was Southeast SCCA Solo Divisional Champion and three time Great Lakes SCCA Solo Divisional Champion. This car has also won me three SCCA Solo National Tour wins, the Ohio Governor’s Cup (SCCA Solo), the crown as NASA East Coast Honda Challenge Champion and SCCA ITSpectacular Champion, as well as VIR 13 Hour Enduro class win as a team driver. Oh, and then there was 14 SCCA and NASA Club Racing wins that it car made possible. Geez, these guys have been busy! Now that we understand how much ass this trifecta ofwife and husband, and CRX have kicked, I only had one remaining question: Why isto begin with, the Gruesome Twosome are experienced track day instructors for SCCA, PCA, NASA and BMWCCA sanctioned events. They are firm believers that data acquisition is overrated and that a real race car can be fine-tuned by feel alone. They already know that in their line of racing, merely a touch of the brakes can ruin your big win, especially when an apex is pulling you toward an ideal exit speed. Scott and Renee know that getting better handling from an already lightweight chassis, and using a peppy little 130-whp powerplant makes it possible for them to snuff out the competition. Yeah, you heard right. 130 whp. After several in-depth interviews using this team of tarmac Tasmanian Devils, I could attest that this really is correctly of going about things. I have also seen this car and Renee’s skills behind the wheel with the local track, and they destroyed the competition! One and only thing that held its own against them was (surprise, surprise) a dented up old Civic hatchback with a lot of suspension mods.

So to the car itself, and every miniscule to massive mod which has been bolted onto its frame. Just to offer you a heads up, this car only weighs 1,498 pounds, and is probably undergoing more liposuction while we speak. It possesses a 1.5L engine from 1986 that is home to all 130 horses, and 120 lbs-ft tq. There are obscure upgrades like OEM aluminum HF rear drum brakes, an OBD0 conversion using a completely one-off distributor, and micro-sized 13×6-inch Volk TE37s. There are also a good number of custom suspension upgrades worth noting on this car. In the forefront, Koni custom re-valved and shortened shocks, and Eibach coilovers respond to many of the handling. But outside of the obvious upgrades you can find little things like custom caster/camber plates, chassis specific Delrin bushings, along with a fully adjustable rear Panhard bar that can help make the already sharp handling of the CRX that more precise. And with an upgraded 1.25/1 HF steering rack quickener into position, this little monster truly corners enjoy it is on rails.

1985 honda CRX HF deleted bumper lights and beamsIf he was considering some serious power mods down the line, i asked Scott about his modest powerband and. To get completely honest with you, we haven’t found ourselves needing any more power. This car gets around speed beautifully, it out handles anything about the track on any given day, and it is insanely reliable. It is actually so simplistic that it can easily be fixed in no time flat. Scott did add that his collection of parts for this car have skyrocketed in recent years, because when something on a chassis that is this rare and old breaks, you can’t go down to the regional auto store and order a new part, and even when something does break. You must source them from from state, hit the junkyard with every spare moment you have, while keeping a running list in the back of your mind concerning what you need to look for next.

So what have we overlooked thus far? Then why not those custom-flared fiberglass wheel arches, the custom cam, unique exhaust, one-off engine mounts, and Mugen limited slip. That list alone lets you know this car means business. And if you look closely, you will notice that you can find quite a few components missing from your equation too. Things like sideview mirrors, headlights, door windows, a vacuum brake booster, and any plush interior amenities that are now nonexistent. Everything that is left is just one lean, mean, ass-kicking machine.

A Fiat You’ll Love


Finding the right car for your family isn’t easy. Many people who aren’t car enthusiasts don’t even know which kind of car they are interested in when they start out to get a new one. They only know they’re old car isn’t cutting it anymore and they must find something diffrent. There’s good news for you; even if you don’t know what sort of car you want, it’s still possible to find your dream car, if you happen to get caught in this class of car buyers. With a little motivation, some research, and the help of professionals at your local Fiat dealer, you can get a car you didn’t know you generally wanted.


Start by visiting a dealership website, like www.ocfiat.com. You can see all the different vehicles that they offer and begin to get an idea of stuff you like. Think of what your household needs. Who all will probably be driving the automobile? Will you utilize it for activities? Are you experiencing several people that will be riding frequently or just one person? Are you currently concerned about fuel efficiency? These types of questions will definitely help you learn to narrow it down. You’ll also get to see all the details for each vehicle on the internet and the specifications will help you realize what you like as well. Once you’ve started narrowing it down by going to http://www.ocfiat.com, you can visit your Fiat dealership and talk with their expert staff about your likes and dislikes. With their guidance you can really find a car that your whole family will like and you’ll be happy with for years, although you may started out with no idea everything you were looking for. Your dream car is just a little research and a few test drives away.

1993 Toyota MR2 – The Devil In Red


Stance is definitely an odd topic, especially for me. I’m not entirely in love with the craze either, even though i’m no hater. In my opinion, stance is almost one of those particular debates that might be as relatable as chocolate vs. vanilla. The folks with “hella stance” believe their method is entirely radical, as well as the folks flaunting function and form feel anything with “hella” in it is a complete travesty. Despite the fact that we are all under the same umbrella of car enthusiasts, our world is almost completely divided between something as simple as ride height and camber settings, or in the case of choc vs. vanil-“flavor.” But hey, to each his own right,. That’s yet what blows my thoughts even more than hanging out with Sam Du to get a weekend? And rather than trying to come up with some fancy story of what flavor wins the greatest contest, I’m going to inform you why pure enthusiasts build our community, and why ice cream is so damn good.

For a lot of of you, regardless of what spectrum you’re on, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen Armand’s slammed widebody MR2. Though the wheels have recently been updated, the build has graced the pages of many popular stance sites and contains been whored throughout your Facebook feed time and time again. Either you’ve looked up to it and drooled over how perfect the fitment is, or you’ve been one of many horrible Internet haters commenting about how he’s completely ruined his MR2. In my case, I have got no opinion or statement other than the reality that Armand Pranadi is a full blown enthusiast through and thru with outrightTruth be told, my location ended up being the opposite of the things I had expected. The canyon road was janky, loaded with potholes and barely had a single accomplish for proper shooting time. Immediately, I knew this wasn’t the best situation for a stancey car (my fault), but Armand remained more positive than I ever could’ve been, and didn’t offer a single F as we winded through the narrow blinding turns. It’s static, entirely static and daily driven on a collection of custom fabricated coilovers,. That’s see, one of many great things about this widebody MR2. And I truly believe it takes a lot of like to risk a flawless body for a single photoshoot.

DD’ing a car like this in the LA area is additionally pretty ballsy on its own with the amount of theft that continues on around here. The body is undoubtedly an authentic TRD GT2000 widebody kit, the engine has an upgraded turbo along with a bunch of other goodies, the interior has certainly been upgraded to fit the bill and people new Blitz wheels are fully custom barreled. If any of these parts were ever snatched, naturally, it would be a tremendous inconvenience. Through cracked split and bumpers fenders, the wing on this car is actually the clearest illustration of how much life it really sees. See what happened was, after having a night on the town, an intoxicated friend actually decided to lean on the wing (doh! ) causing it to snap by 50 % (doh! !). And furthermore, as it’s a very rare piece only available in Japan, Armand has found himself struggling for any replacement.

Basically If I lost y’all in my opening ice cream analogy, with all done and said, I apologize. What I’m really trying to say is that though this car may not have originally been my exact cup of tea, I wound up falling deeply in love with it solely by the amount of a true enthusiast the owner was. By how much love he had for all things automotive and just how much respect and patience was given. You could have a monster trucked-out Armand’s and S13 still going to be excited about what you’re doing-and that’s how it ought to be. The majority of us are all enthusiasts and we all love frozen treats. Stance is definitely his current flavor of preferencecontrols; NRG quick release hub.

Thanks You Steven Pan, Tee Giang, Jeevy Bathan from ETL Garage, ABC Bodyshop and also to all my friends who have supported me as you go along.

2007 Porsche Cayman S – The Perfect Package


With Porsche’s extensive but overlapping model lineup, it can be challenging to choose a chariot of choice. Obviously, some purists won’t drive anything besides the 911 but we think a true enthusiast is somebody who’ll drive whatever they believe provides the best experience – the car that creates you giggle when its limits are explored.

We’re certainly not saying the 911 isn’t one of these brilliant cars, but we’d also suggest you explore the Cayman S, which many regard as a special car with a more capable and rewarding chassis.collection of thought was Donny Mak, who purchased his ’07 Cayman S new. Like many of us, he didn’t want to modify it but simply couldn’t help himself.

Taking small steps, Donny tackled the key areas on the car, starting within theThe Right Package

Sure, it isn’t a lot of suspension work but the Cayman is amongst the best handling cars we’ve ever driven so it doesn’t need much to take it to the next level.

Weighing just 2976 lb through the factory, the Cayman S is a fun car to get, but with only 295hp from your mid-mounted, 3.4L Boxer six, -60mph in 5.1sec is definitely not to brag about. What the car needed had been a 400hp choice to effortlessly pull sales outside the 911, and that’s where TPC Racing from Jessup, MD can be purchased in.

2007 porsche cayman s bolt in rollcage 11

2007 porsche cayman s motor lux carbon diffuser 06

2007 porsche cayman s OMP steering wheel 10

TPC owner, Mike Levitas, drove inside the IMSA Supercar Series inside the late ’80s and early ’90s, owning several teams and was responsible for turbo programs on racing beasts like the Mazda RX7, Lotus Esprit and Mosler Consulier GTP. Therefore it will come as no surprise that he or she also designed a turbocharger kit for the Cayman, a car who had intrigued him for a while…

For about $10,000, TPC can offer its stage 2 turbo kit that includes the turbocharger, liquid-to-air intercooler, cat-back exhaust system, cast intake plenum, bigger fuel injectors and an ECU flash tune. It’s a bolt-on system and is claimed to boost the Cayman S to 460hp at the rear wheels from ais completely transformed, Donny told us. It just picks up and goes now! And with boost coming on as early as 3500rpm, holding strong to redline, the Cayman now spins its tires all the way through second gear, despite having its insane wheel and tire setup.

I know the guys at Avant Garde Wheels, Donny explained. They told me basically if i drew a wheel design they’d come up with a custom looking for me. So with Donny’s deep-rooted love for the BBS RS wheel, he designed something similar and Avant Garde delivered a totally one-off set of 20×8.5 front and 20×11 rear wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo tires, sized 235/30 and 285/20, respectively.

Donny knew his Cayman was already unique, but he didn’t stop there.The Perfect Package

Then he added Motor Lux dry-carbon mirrors, side vents, side skirts, roof spoiler and rear diffuser. However, things are slightly overwhelmed by the 997 Cup Car rear wing mounted on custom CNC aluminum uprights. So not only does Donny’s Cayman probably outperform a 911 Turbo, we’ve also have got to say it seems more like a supercar also.

The mod bug didn’t allow Donny to leave the inner untouched. Inside, you’ll get a bolt-in rollcage to stiffen the chassis and add safety for track stints, along with an SPA fire suppression system. There are also Rennline mats and a B&M short shifter. The inner trim was then painted Porsche Birch Green, matching the brake calipers and adding a splash of color to the white-out Cayman.

Once completed, Donny had hit every area and realized his vision of your ultimate Cayman, creating a car unlike any we’ve seen. At the root of it, we’re enthusiasts too, and a 460hp Cayman turbo sounds excellent right now, although we’re 911 fans here!