Don’t Let Car Sickness Spoil Your Journey

Some individuals can happily jump in to the travel and car for miles and miles down the road without a care in the world, for others it’s a completely different story. Car sickness can really spoil the enjoyment of an otherwise terrific journey for people who experience it. But what’s all this about and will you do anything about it?

close up of passenger woman being car sick
close up of passenger woman being car sick

What’s the visible difference between car motion and sickness sickness? There really is no difference because car sickness is motion sickness if you are travelling in a car well. But is there anything you can do about this?

Take a look at these things you can do that may either assist to relieve car sickness symptoms or actually avoid them completely.

• Sit looking how you are moving. One great tip is to focus on something at the front, inside the direction in which you are moving. This could be the horizon or some other stationery object. On the flip side you must not attempt to read, play cards or games and don’t sit looking out of the side windows for extended periods of time.


• Have you ever noticed that drivers don’t get car sick, well, not when they are actually driving anyway. This is because the driver is permanently focusing on what’s happening within the road ahead . . . or at least that’s what they must be doing. In the event you can’t drive then no less than try to sit in the front passenger seat of your car and check out the road, you can even pretend that you are driving to see if that can help.

• Open up the window to let inside a little outside air, this can be another big help. Some people feel worse in cars which have a specific odor; this can be a particular problem with new cars which still have that distinctive new smell. Spraying the interior in the car with something soothing like lavender or mint may help to mask this smell and hence the problem. Remember this: if you go to pick up a brand new motor from somewhere like and someone in your family suffers with car sickness.

• Tiredness may cause some people to feel car sick in which case it can be a big help to stop for a nap. If you can’t go to sleep you could feel better by only closing your vision for a while . . . unless you are the driver.

• Ginger is a great stomach settler, so nibble on a ginger cookie or munch on a few ginger candies, have a cupful of ginger tea or something similar before or during your car journey. You can even buy caplets of ginger root from your pharmacy for those who have severe car sickness problems. Just a few caplets and the majority of adults are as right as rain.


• It’s a smart idea to take plenty of breaks when you are on an extended car journey. Just having the opportunity to stretch your legs, perhaps drink some coffee and breathe in some outside air for a few minutes can really help to accept feelings of nausea away.

• Sucking on a peppermint or some other type of hard candy is another great tip. Music can help to take your mind off things too.

Okay, is that problem solved? Sit at the front of the car, looking what your location is going, sucking on a peppermint and listening to music by incorporating ginger cookies available for a nibble if need be. Sorted!

You can now take a test drive in a new motor from, just don’t be sick within it.