2013 BMW M3 – Yoo Oeno


Four months ago, Darren Yoo’s BMW 335i was the dopest 3-Series we’d come across in North America. 600whp, single-turbo converted and a WTCC carbon-fiber widebody–we didn’t think every other current-gen Bimmer could catch our attention like it. But we were proven wrong after discovering this E92 M3 at Wekfest, only to find out it’s owned and built by Darren, too!

Darren parted ways with his 335 to meet his dream about owning BMW’s ultimate driving machine (you realize, the M3! ). While it could have been a step back for Darren (bone stock and less power), nothing beats the sporty feel, look and status of any M3. Darren made the jump and at the same time, it reallysome other kits around, Darren explained. The kit looks perfect from every angle!

Darren was able to witness the unveiling of the first two Liberty Walk cars built by his go-to shop LT Motorwerks (LTMW). Liberty Walk founder Wataru Kato was visiting the shop from Japan at the same time and made such a positive impression on Darren, he had to have it. Months later, the blueprint was mapped in the market to build the following Liberty Walk car. When all the parts arrived, LTMW had a week to install the kit, paint it and add all of the bolt-ons before it was to becomeConcurrently, LTMW added its signature bumper alternative to the 3-Series–a combination of two OEM bumpers that have been grafted together to search like the 1M but fit like factory on the 3-Series. The exterior was painted OE Laguna Seca blue–one that has significant meaning to Darren. I was at my restaurant one day and saw this blue car just driving by, Before I was even just in the BMW scene. I said to myself ‘wow, that car sounds awesome and this color is beautiful.’ That’s when someone explained it was an M3 and that’s after i started to check out BMWs. So, i assumed for this build it would be the right opportunity for me to paint my first M3 the same color as the first M3 I fell and saw in love with. A job well done, as the color looks fantastic, and flows with the aggressive motorsport-themed kind of the car.the right pair of wheels wasn’t an easy job either but Darren sourced a set of 19 Work Brombachers. The rears were rebarreled with 7 outers to widen the rims from 11.5 to 13.5. Then, LTMW wrapped up the car with all the best goodies–StopTech big brakes, 500 whp supercharger kit, KW coilovers, Recaro seats and a beefy rollbar.

We’ll admit, there isn’t a bunch of custom focus on Darren’s car but it offers the right mix of high quality parts to do just fine. Add the reality that LTMW only had five days to complete the car; this M3 is unquestionably one of our favorite Euro builds of the year.